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Specialization : Education and Technology

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Chetan Kapoor has worked in education for years . A Punjabi from Patna, he spent his time looking after his Dad’s sanitary supplies business in Patna, working in a technology start-up, then working for small and big NGO’s in support education .

He realised that most Government schools do not work. Even when you place an assistant to hold remedial classes, the Principal will likely turn that person into a secretary !

He then starts his consultancy for training kids for soft skills Edulever, working over years with foundations interested in skilling young people .

He lives and works out of Gurgaon. Around him he sees what is a classic case of urban villages, like in Delhi, where almost all immigrant families stay. These are the families providing the Ayahs, Drivers, Peons, Safai-wallahs, Garbage-collectors, the low-end services that run a city.

But many of these immigrants may have no papers, they may be from Bangladesh, but they have kids. Even if they have papers they cannot worry about their education.

We all now believe that the default path is Big Urbanisation and Floating Populations. Natural corollary is Slums, large numbers of children growing up on the margins, who may or may not become the new underground.

Chetan has thought of an intervention – Sahpathi

Learning in a space where no papers are asked for, where each child is paid attention to. Read on.

It costs about Rs.9,000/- a year to create this space for one kid. His target is One Village in Gurgaon, where he has found 100 kids who need such support.

Chetan Kapoor on Sunny Narang as Mentor –

“For someone who’s starting out to chart an independent course, down the road less travelled, there’s nothing more stimulating and motivating than a word of affirmation – “You’ve started a great journey, my friend, and you’re in a right direction – Keep Going!” For the most part, these words are like an island of reassurance amidst an ocean of doubt and cynicism.

When I started off with Edulever a few years back, I was desperately seeking such an island. There were challenges aplenty – not the least, trying to run a for-profit enterprise where your clients are largely non-profits!

No conventional investor would have given even half a glance. And at a time when the boat seemed to be rocking, came along Sunny Bhai – investor, networker, iconoclast, philosopher, evangelist, mentor – rolled into one dynamite of an individual!

Always true to his word, Sunny not only gave us the seed fund to get moving, but has also steadfastly stood by us – however turbulent the journey may be. You can reach out to him anytime and he’ll be ready with a piece of sincere advice, but will never try to foist his suggestion upon you as a diktat.

What more can a start-up possibly ask for?”