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Fractal Foundation is a creative hotshop for manufacturing innovation and creates IP which it leases to other companies . It’s main work has been in the area of textiles till now.

Managing Trustee : L Kannanlinkedin

Kannan has a track-record of successful development and commercialisation of customized solutions in the domain of electro-mechanical engineering, particularly for contexts that are price-sensitive and demand high reliability. He engages widely with grass-root level organizations and NGOs working with rural poor on sustainable solutions that improve quality of life, from whom he draws inspiration for pioneering new solutions that hold the promise of scalable impact.

He has been a serial entrepreneur, and has founded a number of for-profit and non-profit entities :

  • Sunbeam chain of schools (1990)
  • Vortex Engineering (P) Ltd. (2001)
  • Centroid Design (P) Ltd. (2008)
  • Fractal Foundation (2009)
  • Microspin Machine Works (P) Ltd. (2011)

He is the inventor of four patent-pending inventions related to automated currency dispensation one patent-pending invention related to staple-fibre carding one patent-pending innovation related to simulators for skill-training. He has also mentored several innovations under Fractal Foundation, two of which are patent pending. Fractal Foundation was awarded for Social Innovation in the Innovation for India Awards 2012 by the Marico Innovation Foundation.

He contributed a key engineering solution for a community health initiative that was recognised at All India Ophthalmological Society Congress. He is associated with initiatives like Villgro and NEN that promote and mentor entrepreneurs.

L Kannan Serial Entrepreneur

The Fractal Foundation are responsible for a micro-spinning technology innovation that reduces the scale of cotton spinning mills – positively impacting farmers, artisans, and the cotton industry as a whole. What is interesting about this innovation is that the technology drastically reduces the scale of spinning operations to increase impact, by integrating and involving farmers and artisans and removing the dependency on large-scale cotton mills.

Innovation for India awards
Innovation for India awards

​Micro Spinning –

Fractal’s main product, the Microspinning line of machines enables for the first time, pre-spinning at a scale 100 times smaller than conventional spinning mills. This will enable weavers and farmers to attain better livelihoods.

SmartReel –

SmartReel ensures that the reeling machine runs only for the required number of turns – no more and no less. Your length control is no longer dependent on rough cast components. No more machine-to-machine variations.

Ringframe Datalogger –

A sleek and accurate electronic device for the ring-frame, to capture production data, collect them on a PC, and generate automatic production reports.