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Happily Unmarried was anti established in 2003 with no vision and no business plan. Actually at somepoint we did make a business plan but according to that we should have retired 5 years ago.

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Founders : Rajat TuliRajat Tuli & Rahul Anand rahul

Rajat TuliRahul Anand

We make fun products, we do music festivals, we work with corporates when they want to do interesting work and lately we have been doing a lot of projects involving branding, communication, interiors, marketing all rolled into one (we are trying to think of a name for someone who does all that but no luck yet).

USTRAA is a range of grooming products for men. After taking care of his home, his bar, his supply of tees and gifts, we at Happily Unmarried are now helping our brothers look and smell better.

From Sunny Narang’s Facebook Posts :

5th December, 2017

When Rajat Tuli and Rahul Anand founded Happily Unmarried for the ‘single-ready-to-mingle’ new age audience in 2003 (1BFB or 1 year Before Face Book founded 2004) they were mostly looking at single men and women living in small apartments in Big Cities working away from home and parents overlooking their lives .

They thought young men will buy most of their products. But it was girlfriends and wives buying their products as gifts for their insignificant others. They could never crack the Happily Unmarried Girls Market, all this time.

See below my FB posts from 2009 onward (I curated their first funding in 2008 , when the world economy collapsed) !

They tried at a Restaurant and Bar that never opened, they had the great property Music In The Hills, but their Big Break came after 12 years in 2015, Ustraa, the Male Cosmetic Brand And in 2017, 14 years after they began Happily Unmarried, as a ‘finger-in-your-face’ Desi merchandise youth brand , they became a young woman ‘finger-in-your-face’ cosmetic brand !

As I say, persist with your dream. For when it succeeds, it will not be the dream you saw, but the dream that saw you as its slave.

29th July, 2015

Now the most iconic Indian faltu-mauji brand Happily Unmarried has come out with a range of men’s products like Mooch & Beard Tonic, Beard Wash and other assorted regular stuff. Given the arty-leftie-daadi wallahs (Masaan Kinds) and rightie-big-mooch wallahs (Omkara Kinds) are in huge numbers in our des, they will hopefully get a great next valuation, though I am suggesting an IPO !

Mubarak ho beta Rahul Anand aur Rajat Tuli humare pocket mein Ustra lagane ke liye ! Jiyo !

PS : Yeh kya semiotic hai codeine cough syrup ki bottlein istemaal karne ka Us nashe se hata kar kya Ustra ka nasha lagwana hai !

15th May 2015



23rd April, 2014

Happily Unmarried is the only company in Delhi where ‘politician/bureaucrat/judge ki aulaad’ get Delhi Police to ‘dhamkao‘ the two Founders to take them as interns. See this and you will understand why !

Made by H.U.M.P (Happily Unmarried Motion Pictures). Hope HUMPing gets them more orders.



6th November, 2012

BREAKING NEWS ! Happily Unmarried has found a live-in partner ! The Naukri.com guys have invested lots of rupiya in HU equity and soon the mantra of Happily Unmarriedness will be reaching every basti, every village, every colony, every campus, every school, every anything ! Here is my kahani of HU boys Rajat Tuli and Rahul Anand, their vitality , their persistence, their madness. For me it is proof that passion will win ! The slogan of the age is ‘Pagalpan Jayete’. May the force be with you , guys.

Happily Unmarried Fables

Anti-Established 2003. Once upon a time lived two boys with full-on happy energy. Rahul and Rajat. They were single, ready to mingle. But that was not all. They also wanted all the singles to mingle. Not only that, they being single thought its so difficult in this country of ‘Shaadivaad‘ for singles to be trusted with rentals. So they thought they will provide single-window clearance (Sarkar uses this word a lot in India, but usually that single window has a joint family behind, in fact a village!), for homes, beds, even bartans for the rasoi. They called it Happily Unmarried, thinking most house-owners will think its actually Happily Married and their young market will love their cool attitude.

They realised that the Property agents would take all the margins and there was no real margin in old beds and broken cupboards. Also the parties they threw for singles had mostly men . It was the wrong city . Delhi. So in 2003 only they started making products for men. Funky, happy, crazy , Indian cool. The Model P and the Board Pins which looked like curved men designed by Mukul Goel . I met them in 2003 only after they had kept stuff in People Tree.

Then they got this huge order to make billions of marbles from Britannia with Sachin, Dravid etc sketches printed on them, to be given with biscuit packets. HU thought of combining kanchas with cricket. The marbles were a big hit, so the distributors didn’t give them free, they sold them separately. From then on the HU boys knew , India was ready for a company that believed in fun and heart. I hit off with these boisterous bumbling cuties from Kashmir and Patna. A Punjabi and a Bihari.

And there began a long-term relationship which carries to this day. They were both unmarried and tired of answering questions like “Will the name of the company change once you get married?”, “Are you guys a couple” Screaaaaaam .

I always said that Happily Unmarried is a state of being regardless of your marital status. They opened their Goa store in 2004. They had Salman Khan and Vijay Mallya as clients besides Russian mafia with their heavily undressed girlfriends. Somewhere along the way HU began Music in the Hills, always loss-making (now breaking even), but they did it because they enjoyed throwing big parties with live music and they could make more friends !

By 2008 HU was facing growth pangs and needed working capital to grow their range of products and volumes. They also needed to find producers which could deliver volumes in time and give quality. It had to move up to manufacturers who exported . I found a cousin’s husband , Rohit Talwar in Moradabad who was willing to work with these crazy boys, but wanted a commitment on at least 500 pcs of a kind , but could give prices that could make HU more affordable to the young middle class . Both Rajat and Rahul were happy that not only they got free consultancy from us but in a way got paid for listening.

I valued them at 3 crores and a couple of friends took 2 percent equity. This was when the established world was falling down. That was the time we believed the anti-established had a chance. Then came in my brother-in-law from Moradabad with 2 friends for 3% as he could see the sales moving up. I think after that they sold only 1% more. Now they were expanding and got into some great corporate products helping SAB Miller along the way do some crazy bar products. They almost opened a restaurant and night club, but you never know in ‘Khosla ka Ghosla, Dilli‘, what will happen the next hour.

So guys anyone with financial assets wanting to open a HU franchise bar and party place, they have all details worked out !. Actually they even have some film-scripts ready as Rajat almost got a contract with Ekta Kapoor.I see this organic way of raising capital , a support structure of friends and faithful as the way to what I call ‘Coalition Capitalism’ led by ‘Coalition Entrepreneurship.

We raise capital together and work out logistics together among many small businesses and investors. They had been looking at PE guys since some time, but you know the PE world, they will take so much of you that you will feel ‘mera baccha mujh se cheen liya’.  So they waited, putting heart, soul and imagination. There were people like Minoti who became friends and made them into interior consultants and club-event managers. This country has no dearth of believers in great guys with a great mission. What can be a greater mission than to make Indians smile, laugh and have fun at themselves and sometimes at the Chini neighbours !

And so came along these Naukri.Com guys. And now you know the story. Happily Unmarried is now out of the believer closet. It will rock the nation. We are now All Happily Unmarried.

9th June, 2010

Rajat and Rahul , both friends and one has been one of the “believers” in their enterprise since they had a portfolio of half a dozen products, which is now more than a hundred.

9th July, 2009

YDE Awards – 2009 – British Council India
British Council

Rajat of Happily Unmarried got the Design Entrepreneur award for 2009.

More power to the desi cool product gang!