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Rohit TalwarKomakkambedu Himakiran Anugula

Specialization : Organic Farming, Decentralized Governance

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Hima is from an agrarian landlord clan based outside Chennai, with a 125 year engagement with Madras and it’s old trader setup that funded the expansion of the British empire. His ancestors cultivated Indigo, processed it into dyes and sold it to traders in Town aka Georgetown, who then exported it all over. That funded the clan transition from just being agrarian peasants to becoming landlords, by buying a Zamindari estate from Brahmins who moved out to chase ICS dreams, by way of education.

When Hima came back from the US, he got involved with textiles. As he says it must have been some adamant gene in him passed down from his forefathers.

Now his dream is to cultivate Indigo, process it and use that dye to make denims from Madras, and try them with Organic Cotton too !

Hima first saw Jallikattu in 2013 although he has been a visitor to Madurai since 1996 and also ran a small IT venture there from 2004-2010. Destiny works in weird ways and so he was back in Madurai.

He says “When you are rooted, you see something and your gut says this is right and needs to be protected. That’s how it was with Jallikattu. I didn’t see it in one dimension….is anything in India like that ? I saw culture, economics, tradition, pride, bravery, scientific breed saving and the sheer joy of living life….no wonder it is probably the only activity that humans have continuously documented over the past 5000 years…..”

Hima wrote a long essay detailing out the Jallikattu campaign very effectively and powerfully, which became the standard argument supporting Jallikattu on media.

He is an organic farmer and strong supporter of local economy, decentralized policy making, sustainable livelihoods & federalism and he promotes organic/natural farming & native livestock based livelihoods.

Hima is the Secretary, Senaapathy Kangayam Cattle Research Foundation (www.kangayambull.com), an in-situ conservation centre for native cattle.

Also a Member of Safe Food Alliance Tamilnadu which works on seed biodiversity, organic farming, spreading awareness on production, processing and consumption of safe food by conducting seed fests, training for farmers, assistance in linking to the markets through affiliated retail outlets/farm to fork entities.

Safe Food Alliance Tamilnadu works with the Alliance for Sustainable and Holistic Agriculture (www.kisanswaraj.in) a large, nation-wide informal network of more than 400 organisations drawn from 20 states of India. The network consists of farmers’ organisations, consumer groups, women’s organisations, environmental organisations, individual citizens and experts who are committed to the cause of sustainable and viable farm livelihoods in rural India

He manages organic farming groups, works with farmer organisations across Tamilnadu, addressing drought relief/farmer suicides, organic farming training/promotion of produce and rural entrepreneurship.

He is also involved in working with the Indian Diaspora to help address the farming & rural issues in Tamilnadu.


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