Rasa Investments Group


We at RASA investments group (RIG) aim to foster the growth of start up ecosystem in India. We want to create a favourable and exciting environment for start-ups to flourish in India.

Our main objective is ‘Building Coalitions for Creativity’ and in a highly diverse, plural, multi-everything society like ours living across many historical time-zones , any solution needs multiple partners.

So start-ups can actually be both for-profit or non-profit, they can be formal or informal groups and we welcome all, as long as there is passion, persistence and integrity we welcome them in our coalition.

To nurture start-ups we need deep and wide, ecologies and networks, of Mentors and Partners.

And Sutradhars who tie up and thread together specific stories , to help them reach some sort of success.

And we at RASA believe that we need entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, technologists, designers, bureaucrats, politicians, artisans, musicians, technicians, meditation facilitators , military and social sector professionals, farmers and many other talent and skill sets to make India, a Creative Society and Economy.

We want in our own small way to help that thriving Creative India to happen.


For us at RIG, investments do not just mean some money given at some paper-based valuation, it would include the traditional mentoring all ancient cultures have had, of an elder wise person investing time, guiding the team and individuals carrying the enterprise flame intellectually, strategically, helping build networks and relationships, nurturing the inner growth of the people involved in the organization.

In fact we at RIG have such investments without funding in many start-ups, some now established brands, businesses and non-profits.

We at RIG also believe that there can be no exclusivity either of mentors or investors in any start-up , each start-up has its own destiny and will discover its own ‘Cloud’ of mentors, supporters and collaborators along with its luck. So we do not ever consider ourselves as singularly responsible for any success or failure, things happen.


RIG has invested seed capital in the start-ups featured here , through equity, debt and various other methods of financing as permitted by the laws of the country.

We mentor these start-ups through each and every important step in developing and structuring their business models.

Our wide networks of experts help these start-ups to not only grow in their businesses but also to form their own powerful networks.

We look for start-ups that are involved in creating innovative products, technology and solutions for people or businesses and many that have social impact.

We have also contributed to non-profits as well as informal groups and individuals to discover creative solutions to issues they feel are important.


This website is a coalition of friends and their investments and mentored enterprises, both profits and non-profits, curated by Sunny Narang, the founder sutradhar-investor-mentor here.

There will be featured other sutradhar-investors here like him, who also could be active entrepreneurs, and the list hopefully will keep on increasing, of individuals who have invested by heart, imagination and vision.

There will also be sutradhars , who are not investors in enterprises but in developing talent or skills, like old style Gurus and Masters. The classic human-potential self-discovery mentors.

This will be a platform where investors, mentors, the start-up and non-profit founders, their partners will share their real stories.

It is meant to be a place where people who love nurturing creativity with sustainability share their stories of enterprise, innovation and passion, supporting talent and building spaces for opportunity.


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