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Every technology has a hype cycle. In a brilliant article by Morgan Housel, he mentions, big breakthroughs typically follow a seven-step path:

  • First, no one’s heard of you.
  • Then they’ve heard of you but think you’re nuts.
  • Then they understand your product but think it has no opportunity.
  • Then they view your product as a toy.
  • Then they see it as an amazing toy.
  • Then they start using it.
  • Then they couldn’t imagine life without it.

Various enterprises put AI in different categories, we at BASH are in between amazing toy and using phase with AI.

BASH.AI is a HR tech company betting big on automation in the HR function. It focuses on these two areas of the function

Gets Introduced to the World (PC Mag) AI startup Bash introduces Bots for HR

Bash, an AI startup based in India has introduced three chat bot modules that can be plugged in to an organisation’s HR function.

This enables a business to provide quick turnaround times on routine HR queries that employee’s make. Bash now allows businesses to take the load off their HR functions by way of three modules; namely, Employee Satisfaction, HR Help Desk and Post Hire Orientation.

With a front-end chat interface built specifically for HR functions, it gives organisations a real-time way to automate conversations with employees within an organisation’s intranet. It can also be accessed using instant messenger platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram, Kik, Google and Microsoft’s Skype.

Bots are riding the rise of instant messaging applications and having seen the success of these apps in increasing collaboration it’s a no brainer that chat based applications are the future. Bash enables businesses to take over reins of their HR function and run their business seamlessly”, said Barkha Sharma, CEO & Founder, BASH.

The chat based modules are designed to mimic cognitive functions related to HR and help employees organize their HR activities, answer questions related to pay slips, company leave policies and perks, among a host of other functions. Bash processes general inquiries and assists with real-time grievances management by providing insights and reports leading to increased workplace productivity.

The future of the workplace will be overwhelmingly powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and Bash is just a step forward in that direction. AI in HR will revolutionise the way insights are extracted from employees and will elevate current efforts within the HR function. It will translate to effective organisations that build work forces equipped to maximise workplace productivity”, said Barkha Sharma.

Conversational Interfaces

Currently, a majority of technologies used in the HR function facilitate only non-employee facing activities, i.e. back-end functions. There are limited technologies which assist interactions between HR and employees, and all the interactions are manually managed. The 4 modules BASH is currently focusing on, are:-

  1. Welcome Aboard
    This module is designed to engage employees in the span from recruitment till their induction.
  2. Post Hire Orientation
    This module guides new hires through the bones of the organization during the initial 90 day period.
  3. HR Helpdesk
    ueries like leaves, policies and grievance redressal are incorporated here.
  4. Employee Satisfaction
    checks in with employees regularly so as to ensure morale and bonhomie in the corporate structure.
  5. Ticketing
    Ticketing or Issue resolution is what ensures that the HR team can keep track of and efficiently resolve any issues raised within the organization. This results in easy access to logs for audits and service uses as well.


What if you CCTV camera could also generate your attendance report? That is exactly what BASH Vision does.

Gets noticed by Peers  (World HR Diary) Bash introduces chat based modules to its AI architecture for HR platforms

Bash, the HR-based bot and artificial intelligence (AI) technology startup today announced the introduction of three chat bot based modules powered by AI which can be plugged into an organization’s HR function. Bash enables businesses to boost routine queries usually addressed to the HR with the speed and accuracy that chat applications like Slack, Facebook Messenger and Telegram are known for. Bash now allows businesses to take the load off their HR functions by way of three modules; namely, Employee Satisfaction, HR Help Desk and Post Hire Orientation.

While various industries have seen technological innovation over the years, HR and recruitment has not seen automation other than ATS (Applicant Tracking System) for decades. Now, the dominant theme in HR technology is artificial intelligence (AI).

Founded by Barkha Sharma in March 2017. The product is driven by a team with previous experience in HR and building AI powered products.

BarkhaBarkha Sharma – CEO 

Barkha was born and brought up in a small town in Uttrakhand. An all-around model student with the grades to show for, School captain feathers in the cap and the sporting records in place.

Coming from a traditional business family the business ethics and logics were well understood at a young age.

In class 9 she had her first tryst of feeling alive through making a profit. Opportunities in Uttarakhand were limited.

She wanted to do things, be someone who knew stuff and went places. That hunger drove her out of the sleepy town.

After higher education in Delhi with a mix of Tech and HR she moved to Bangalore. There she gained around 7 years of experience in Human Resource, Talent Acquisition. She worked extensively in Tech Hiring, Organisation Development, Process & Performance Improvement, Team Learning & Development, Resource Management, and People Management.

But the entrepreneurial bug was ever present. On came the first venture in 2009 into recruitment and Tech Staff augmentation.

After making a quick buck and infinite learnings. She realized it was too early for a this to be full time as she had many more things to learn.

In 2014 came the second stint with testing the entrepreneurial waters. This time with e-commerce where she partnered with a garment designer and manufacturer who had control over costs and designs. She then rode the e-commerce wave and took exit with a realisation that the full-time gig has to be something special.

The hindsight of passing years and growing experience slowly revealed her the real value of tech in HR.

She is now working to solve a problem which she deeply feels for. An amalgamation of all her life’s learnings. Her tech education and the HR experiences coming together. She is now quite known in the HR tech world and a constant feature amongst speaker at major HR tech events.

When not part of the hustle and bustle. She prefers traveling and reading. An avid solo traveler likes experiencing destinations without any plans with only a one-way ticket.

Barkha to Forbes India Slowly Warms Up To Its Promising Deep Technology Startups

A joint study by PwC and the Associated Chambers of Commerce of India (ASSOCHAM) reported that Indian startups are actively pursuing AI. According to Barkha Sharma, CEO and founder of AI-powered HR automation tool Bash, knowledge sharing by corporate bigwigs on advanced technology can have a positive impact on investor sentiment. “Companies such as Amazon and Microsoft are enablers and they can play a more active role in breaking down the role of AI and their impact on business. This will go a long way in influencing investors.”

TanayTanay Dixit – CPOSabarinath Nair – 

Tanay is a Product guy with 7 years of experience in both web and mobile products.

He co-founded his first company Senfinance at the age of 20 while preparing for his CFA exam. With Senfinance he got involved in the world of tech. Hired an in-house tech team and created Moodle based mobile app. This is when they founded a development agency with an intent to help brand manager with technology based marketing solutions.

He teamed up with a creative Digital Agency to get a wide range of clients ranging from the top companies of the country to start ups which have raised Pre-Series A rounds on products they built for them.

His previous experience also includes working with leading Creative agencies. In the past few years he has been very involved with ‘Deep learning’ That where he co-founded Talespin with his brother.

He is now Product Head in Bash.ai which is focused on increasing productivity in a workplace by automating routine tasks of the HR function. This is using conversational interfaces be it chat or voice with a layer of AI. Colleagues know him as a highly creative person who can always be trusted to come up with a new approach.

He spends a lot of time understanding the business and the audience before suggesting ideas or implementing them on our products.


March 28th , 2018

BASH.AI Specially Designed AI for HR Needs : Bangalore insider

Bash.ai is a Delhi based startup founder in 2017. It is an automation tool which uses AI and bid data to power a virtual assistant to drive HR for businesses. It was founded by Barkha Sharma. We got an opportunity to talk with Barkha, the founders of Bash.ai. And I am sure; her story as a startup founder will inspire you. Let’s look at her journey in her own words.

“I think one of the things that keep me excited about Bash is knowing that through our automation tool we can bring about a massive change in the ecosystem. When I look at the team and see their immense drive to build something meaningful which has a deep impact on the HR function, it drives me even further”, says Barkha. What made you start your startup and what problem does it solve?

Up until 2017, the biggest technological breakthrough to have hit HR and recruiting in order to make jobs faster and easier was ATS (Applicant Tracking System). In a world with driverless cars, the function of HR felt a tad bit outdated and a victim of relatively higher friction with technology as compared to any other function. Having worked in the field of HR for over 7 years and have been on both sides of the table, I wanted to change that.

During my career, I’ve experienced all facets of the HR function; from an employee’s feeling of uncertainty to the distress of the Human Resource team, working with enterprises with processes in place to consulting startups and building their processes from scratch, and having endless conversations with people who felt that HR is the backbone of the company to those who felt that the appendix is more useful than its function. It was the coming together of a few experiences in my professional journey a few instances that resulted in the founding of Bash.ai. What’s the biggest misconception people have about you? Why do they have that? What’s the reality?

There are two misconceptions; firstly, amongst the HR fraternity. I spoke at an event organized at a B school with the agenda being HR 2025. One key highlight for me was the uncertainty coupled with fear amongst students to the extent that there were questions asked about the future of HR and if it would be extinct. It’s high time we up-skill. Just as you rate employees, why can’t you rate algorithms built for specific tasks?

After all #AI is your virtual labour. So, don’t fear the future. Chin up, work hard and embrace the change. The second misconception is that AI will take our jobs. The truth is AI will not take jobs; instead, it will just make you better at your work. For now at least. These fears are mainly due to the buzz in certain sections of the media which predominately focuses on these stories. Also, simple human psychology unwilling to change old practices Tell us about your team and how did you meet each other?

Tanay Dixit and I have been friends for a while now. When we’d meet over endless cups of tea and coffee, we’d pick each others brains about machine learning, artificial intelligence and automation in our everyday lives. It was through the course of these multiple discussions about workplace HR processes that the idea of Bash.ai developed.

First Acquisition (February 2018) :

21st February, 2018

HR Tech Startup BASH.AI Acquires UX Specialist WEMO.IN : VCC Circle

Gurugram-headquartered Bash.ai, an artificial intelligence-based HR automation tool provider, has acqui-hired tech startup Wemo, which offers UX design expertise for building mobile apps and websites.While the size of the deal was not disclosed, it will see Wemo’s team being integrated with Bash.ai.

Founded in March last year by Barkha Sharma, Bash uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve HR processes and, in turn, employee experiences. Wemo is a New Delhi-headquartered creative development agency for design and product-related requirements. The startup works with brands such as Tata, W for Woman, Videocon, DDB Mudra Group, and Godrej. Bash.ai said in a statement that the acquisition was aimed at increasing scale. It said it will use Wemo’s expertise to develop apps and websites and create innovative games. “In the recent past, Bash and Wemo have worked on numerous projects,” said Barkha, who is also the chief executive officer of Bash.ai.

Bash’s chatbot is available on Facebook, Messenger and Slack, among other platforms. Its services include post-hire orientation, HR helpdesk, and employee engagement. In the HR-tech space, Bash competes with startups such as Skillate, EdGE Networks, PeopleStrong, and Darwinbox among others. The sector has attracted considerable attention from investors of late.

AI Focussed HRTech Startup Bash Acquires Wemo : inc42

Gurugram-based Bash, an artificial intelligence-based HR automation tool provider, has acqui-hired tech startup Wemo, which is known for its UX expertise in building mobile apps and websites.

The Wemo team will now work towards bringing increased scale to the company and further its goal of building compelling experiences for its repertoire of brands.

Wemo is a creative development agency working on machine learning, AI bots, mobile apps, websites, and UX strategy. The startup provides customised solutions to its clients to ensure that their brand better communicates with the audience.

The accelerated growth of Wemo is driven by its unique design sensibility as well as partnerships with well-known brands such as Tata, W for Woman, Videocon, DDB Mudra Group, Godrej, Fashion at Big Bazaar, Choko La, Center for Policy Research and I Say Organic.

Commenting on the development, Barkha Sharma, CEO and Founder, Bash, said, “Wemo’s immensely talented team of UX designers will be joining our team that is focused on building products designed to empower businesses. The acqui-hire will open newer avenues of work for both Bash and Wemo and create new opportunities for brands targeting the new set of billions of users coming online.”

Founded in March 2017, Bash uses AI and machine learning (ML) to improve HR processes and employee experiences. With its frontend chat interface also available on platforms like Facebook Messenger, Slack etc, Bash offers its services in multiple formats including post-hire orientation, HR Helpdesk, employee engagement and more.

As mentioned on its website, currently, a majority of the software or technologies used in the HR segment facilitate only non- employee facing activities (backend functions). Bash, on the other hand, is an intelligent chatbot which implements machine learning algorithms to improve employee productivity, satisfaction and optimises HR function.

In the HRTech space, Bash competes with startups like Skillate, EdGE Networks, PeopleStrong, Darwinbox among others. The sector has attracted significant attention from the investors recently.

For instance, Skillate raised an undisclosed amount to accelerate product development and expand its team in January 2018.Another player Darwinbox secured $4 Mn in funding round led by Lightspeed India Partners in June 2017.

The Indian HRTech industry is estimated to be worth $6.29 Bn (INR 40,000 Cr). In 2017, nearly $2 Bn was invested in HRTech companies globally.

As Bash continues to revolutionise the traditional HR processes in the country, the latest acqui-hire of technology startup Wemo is expected to give additional benefits to the clients of both companies.


Named amongst the 10 startups leading the AI race (Analytics India) – 10 Indian Startups That Are Leading The AI Race: 2018

Since its inception in March 2017, Bash.ai has been automating HR processes and thereby helping in better and consistent employee experiences. It is essentially a tool that uses AI and big data to power virtual assistants and drive HR for businesses, by mimicking cognitive functions related to HR. Its user-friendly front end interface gives organisations a highly accurate and real time way to automate conversations with employees within an organisation. It can be accessed using instant messenger platform such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, Skype, and currently has modules such as post hire orientation, ticketing, HR helpdesk, employee engagement, organise HR activities and answer questions related to payslips, company policies, among others. They want to go towards an ecosystem where AI and humans coexist efficiently in the HR settings.

The Founding Team: It was founded by Barkha Sharma, who has spent over eight years in HR. Having started with a team of three in the founder’s living room, it is now 12 people strong with engineers, product developers, and operations enablers working with HR processes of organisations. The founder believed that in a world of automation the functions of HR are a bit outdated, and her idea was to fill this technological gap. They raised first round of funding in October 2017.


From Sunny Narang’s Facebook Posts :

October 12, 2017

Empathy with AI : Tools to help Organisations be more interactive, engaged and clued-in to their employees : Bash.ai : Young people thinking and feeling for other young people. We all work in companies and organisations, profits or non-profits and because companies do not have the warmth of families, an elder brother or sister, a mother, it is very difficult to ask for help. As you never know where your vulnerability will be misused , reported.

On the other hand in a fast moving world, with nothing to hold anyone, people are moving on , before they have moved in ! Big companies have an HR or ‘Human Relations’ Department, but when there are 50 students to a class in school, while 20 is considered a better number for individual attention , in HR there is no ratio of comparison.

There may be hundreds of employees per HR employee. So how does one create an ecology of pre-employment, post-employment orientation to a new home and its rules, its traditions, its history ? Individuals have different intensities of learning and different phases. No HR department can be available to so many employees when they want support.

There are many standard boring Q&A, FAQ’s that can be automated, instead of going through long pages, a messaging system to particular issues can be created, for every enterprise, customised. Or getting to understand the employees, their stresses, their learning aspirations.

It is impossible for any HR department to understand its wide diversity of people and their needs. Humans are not machines. So they cannot have IoT sensors attached to them.

So what can be done ? Now this is where tools like Chatbots, AI, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing come in. You call this technology as AI with Empathy helping Organisations and Companies become Communities, Empathy with Artificial Intelligence.This all sounds too Nerdy ? It actually isn’t so difficult .

These guys are making it easy – Barkha and Tanay.


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