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Desi Motifs flip flops will share the beauty and joy of our innumerable folk, tribal and classical art traditions, wrapped in a contemporary design language of graphics, illustrations and visuals.

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Co-Founder and CEO : Kiran Joshi – linkedin


Made and Designed in India, with global quality raw materials, Desi Motifs is first bringing #ArtForYourFeet and #LovingYourFeet together.

Later as a an innovative hybrid design and production studio, it will venture into fashion accessories on the continuum of handmade, machine-made and technology-enabled, wearable and home products.



To bring the #TimelessIndianAesthetic, rooted in Indian soil yet free to travel the Earth, it is the new emerging tradition of a Global Indic imagination .

We are a team of professionals from craft, design, packaging, printing, footwear, textiles, garment industries aiming to bring back images and graphics filled with innocence and authenticity to our lives and households again.

A creativity rooted in an Indian imagination and soul, that had for centuries been a world leader in making the most aesthetic and beautiful products .

With our first range of DESI MOTIFS flip flops you will share with your world the beauty and joy of our ancient painting traditions which inspire our folk arts.

We at DESI MOTIFS will experiment and evolve a visual and design language where we present a range of products Made in India, using industrial, hand-led with appropriate power tools, traditional handmade, handcrafted processes, either standalone or hybridized with each other.

Desi Motifs is a brand of Yayavar LLP.

Co-Founder and CEO : Kiran Joshi – linkedin

kiran joshi

Footwear professional with 19 years of experience in product outsourcing.

A ‘go to resource’ by senior management & executives for handling and resolving sensitive concerns affecting business operations.

Managed wide range of brand mix across price segment – Adidas, Bata in-house (Power, Marie Claire, North Star) and Bata globally licensed (Hush Puppies, Naturalizer and Dr. Scholl).

Keep up-to-date with constantly evolving production technologies focussing on efficiency and product optimisation in a highly competitive market.

Work closely with buyers and retail operations to ensure driving revenue and margins Pragmatic hands-on people manager with demonstrated ability to create great working environment and inspire teams to achieve beyond expectations

April , 2018


From Sunny Narang’s Facebook Posts :

17th October, 2017

#EkKahani #EkAurZindagi #PuraneYaar

#HappyDiwali #DesiMotifs #FlipFlops #WithAnIndianHeart #IndianDesign #दिवालीमुबारक #दीपावलीकीशुभकामनाएं #देसीमोटिफ्स #चप्पल #फ्लिपफ्लॉप्स #दिलहैहिंदुस्तानी #डिज़ाइनहैहिंदुस्तानी #मेकइनइंडिया #DesignedInIndia #MadeInIndia #Warli

I have this old Total Jugaadu Yaar, aka Peeyush Gupta, who is from Dehradun and not on Facebook !

He has done many things from share broking , zardozi workshop , labels and packaging , but he wanted always to build a brand , do some what I call ‘Masala Tamasha‘ .

He is like me in his 50’s.

Then he got to know a great Uttaranchali friend’s aka Ashish Joshi’s wife Kiran Joshi, who was very senior professional in Bata, a top sourcing and supply chain kinda girl.

She was over doing a job, and wanted a new life full of creative consultancies and maybe, maybe doing a start-up !

And they came to me.

With the support of the Real Life Desi Girl Seema Gupta, my old Circuit Vaibhav Puri and my Ahladini Akanksha Damini Joshi we launched Desi Motifs.

And you can see the result below –

यह है कहानी पुराने यारों की मस्ती और एक और ज़िन्दगी बनाने की,

यह सिलसिला नयेपन का जारी रहे हमेशा,

यह नशा बार बार गिरके, उठने का,

यह पागलपन उछलने का, के चलते जाना है,

कोई उम्र का ठहर नहीं, कोई सृजन का अंत नहीं.

Desi Motifs is a new footwear brand identity which is inspired by Indian rural folk art forms.

We believe in more power to Indian Design , creating the visual language rooted in our soil and designed and manufactured in India.

Have a look Desimotifs

DESI MOTIFS – The Revival of Indian Art

A metaphor for what is truly Indian.

Desi Motifs branches itself from traditional and ethnic roots and reaches to the ‘Contemporary Indian.’

It paces towards the Cosmopolitans who can’t dust of their roots just as yet.

So, look out for these new ‘feat’ in town and the footprints they leave.

So if you are in Guwahati, Bhubaneshwar or Kolkata they are available in Pantaloons . In Pune in Either Or.

In Kolkata : South City, Camac Street, Gariahat Road and in Kankurgachi Pantaloons.

In Bhubaneswar : Saheed Nagar Pantaloons

In Guwahati : DT Tower Pantaloons

In Pune in Either Or, Sasoon Road

7 October 2017

As we step into the start of the festivities. We find ourselves surrounded by choices. we find ourselves in the change .

Change of season. Change of momentum. Change in spirit. And also some chaos.

Naturally we choose the flip flop way.

One moment in the midst of showers, the other in daunting heat and then it’s all fair weather again !

What better than to bring in a little celebration of dance, of joy and colours of happiness in the walk of life!