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LEH LEH Sports core values are imbued in its name : Learning, excellence and happiness for anyone that plays with them ; listening, empathy and humility in how they run their business. They are sporting guys, who don’t write much, but play lots, so listen to them as they play !

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Founders : Siddharth Pandey – Siddharth Pandey & Vikas Jawa – Vikas Jawa

August 25th , 2017

August, 2016

In the Business of sports and sports startups recreational sports are somehow a huge money spinner in the industry which target all segment of population from youngsters to working professionals. LEH LEH Sports which stands on the notion of sportier emotional connect through sports is one of the most successful startup with this type of business model, considering scaling and funding at the appropriate time ratio this startup has changed the vision of sports enthusiasts in the startup scene. Sidharth Pandey and Vikas Jawa, this SRCC graduate duo had left their high paying jobs to dedicate themselves into the sports startup industry. After an year of consumer survey and field research Sidharth Pandey started LEH LEH sports in 2012 which was joined by Vikas JawaVikas Jawa later who has co-founded internet media startup zoomtra.com in the past. Here we are presenting excerpts of conversation with Vikas Jawa and Kunal Gusain who is a young team member handling Head Corporate division in LEH LEH Sports.

Jun 6, 2014

MSR Sports News caught up with LEH LEH Sports founder Siddharth Pandey during the recently held Indoor Fustsal World Cup in Delhi. In an exclusive interview to Aniket Mishra, Siddharth talked about the event and his fledgling organisation.

December 28th, 2011

Siddharth Pandey, Founder LEH LEH Sports was one of the panelists at the Indiapreneurship Summit on entrepreneurship in collaboration with TiE and FMS. The topic for the panel discussion was ‘Entrepreneurship – my cup of tea?’ and featured various start ups and their founders sharing their experiences and taking questions from business management students.


Siddharth Pandey – Siddharth Pandey

Siddharth Pandey, a Sri Ram College of Commerce graduate, loves India, sports, business and lifestyle. So, he said do svidánija to Sydney, where he captained an indoor cricket team, and moved to Delhi, where he could reconnect with his love for philosophy and shayri.

Former Corporate Manager turned Sports Entrepreneur. Founded an India based Sports Venture (LEH LEH Sports) focused on developing a sporting culture through participation in skills, age and gender agnostic sports. First hand experience in various aspects of entrepreneurship – team building, concept selling, capital raising, managing finances, media, strategic and operational planning among others. Corporate Career – Comprehensive experience in business development and product management. Focus on growing business with existing customers as well as increasing the customer base. Experience across various products sold through different channels. Cross functional liaison with relevant teams – manufacturing, design, R&D, marketing, sales, service. 4 years work experience in supply chain. Have been involved with projects related to manufacturing relocation, phase in phase out planning, supplier management and supply chain benchmarking Specialties: Team Building, Concept Selling, Pricing, Range Management, Demand Planning, Export Planning Training Programs completed

• SALES Program for skills development of sales professionals by rogenSi

• Project Management by the Australian Institute of Management

• Effective communication by the Australian Institute of Management

• Professional Development Seminar by the Import/Export Training Centre

• Theory of Constraints Course on maximizing efficiency by Viago

vikas jawaa

Vikas Jawa – Vikas Jawa

Vikas Jawa, on the other hand, had been part of the internet industry for 6 years with the Smile Group. A traveller, poor joke connoisseur and afternoon chai addict, Jawa used to be the Sports Captain at the Birla Vidya Niketan. Demonstrated success in the Fintech, Travel, Digital and Sports industries. Skilled in leading newbusinesses/ verticals. Strong entrepreneurial background. Studied at Sriram College of Commerce.

4th August, 2016 VCC

Leh Leh Sports has raised an undisclosed amount of funding from Sunny Narang, chairman of Anglian Omega Network, in a personal capacity. The company, run by Leh Leh 7 Entertainment Solutions Pvt. Ltd, was founded five years ago by SRCC graduate Siddharth Pandey and Vikas Jawa, who was earlier with Smile Group. “This is a strategic investment for us, especially at a time when we are trying to grow our venue collaborations model. In this model, there is a gestation period for getting a venue fully up to speed and the funding will help us finance cash flows in that period,” Pandey said in a statement. Leh Leh Sports creates easy access to sports and addresses the problems faced by people who want to play – finding space, partners, teams to play with and solves organisational hassles. “At Anglian, we are trying to build a 360-degree platform to create a professional sports ecology. Leh Leh Sports is trying to address a definite problem that people face when it comes to playing their sport of choice and today it has become the premier recreational sports company in India,” said Narang.

Leh Leh Sport

12th September, 2014

Pandey’s urge to start LEH LEH was literally instinctual. He felt a calling, and obliged, determined not to get ravelled in the corporate world. After mentorship in The Indus Entrepreneurs, Sydney, months of research and a business plan, Pandey thought, “We’re definitely on to something.” Today, LEH LEH is funded, with positive cash flow and has completed more than 3000 matches across multiple sports. LEH LEH’s core values are imbued in its name: Learning, excellence and happiness for anyone that plays with them; listening, empathy and humility in how they run their business. If there’s one sentence that could characterise LEH LEH, Pandey thinks it would be “creating access for you to play the sport of your choice regularly. Initially bootstrapped, LEH LEH found the leprechaun’s pot when their participation in the Economic Times Power of Ideas 2012 event lead Rs 5 lakh cash grant and Rs 20 lakh seed funding offer.

We were the only sports company from across India to make it to the final shortlist of 75 from among 14,000 applications,” says Pandey. It’s been a smooth and exciting journey ever since. Nominated by FICCI India Sports Awards for one of the top 3 Sports Organisers in India, LEH LEH already has a roster of famous personalities who’ve played with them from Indigo Airlines CEO Aditya Ghosh, Winter Olympian Shiva Kesavan to SlideShare’s Amit Ranjan and Indian Women Squash player Sachika Ingale.

Leh Leh Sports Management

11th October, 2012 – Sportskeeda

With a rapid increasing base of population that is counted in the section called youth, India’s this particular segment is on a rise. And this rise is not only figurative, but also in the country’s progress. You can see entrepreneurs running this nation with all new ideas; ideas which were always there, waiting to be grabbed and be worked upon – the difference is that the opportunists grabbed those moments while others followed and praised them for their stupendous work. One of the ideas, or startups I should say, I encountered was this wonderful venture – Leh Leh Sports. Started by Siddharth Pandey, Jai Bankoti and their friends, slowly and slowly, after a tough year, they have made huge reputation in Delhi. What do they do? Well, no rocket science. They make people play.

Leh Leh Sports have been a magnificent find for me and though their ground is a bit far away from where I live, I love being a part of their football league. Just to make it sound more professional and rocking, after my performances in the first season as a free agent, this season I have been asked to play for a team. Sounds cool, huh! Jokes apart, I am looking forward to this Sunday. Well, for all the good work they have been doing, they are charging Rs. 350 per person for every Sunday. If that sounds too costly, try watching ‘Joker’ or ‘Desi Boyz’ with your girl at PVR with some pop corns and drinks. I am sure, your theories and opinions will change after one show.

For Leh Leh Sports, they have done a tremendous job. I am sure many startups of this kind are already underway in metro cities; let’s take them to the whole of India. Then only we will see this nation as a sporting nation rather than a cricketing nation.

Leh Leh Sports Making Delhi Play

October 3, 2011

LEH LEH Sports staged ‘Kick for a Cause’ to use Sports as a powerful medium to promote AIDS awareness. Reebok and Coca-Cola were Merchandise and Beverage partners respectively and NDTV covered the event. This clip is what was aired on NDTV in their Sports Programme. For more, please visit