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NGA Life is a research center for innovative products. With its bucket full of ideas, NGA‘s main focus is to establish a sustainable marketing, sales and manufacturing unit of its products.

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We rethink and remodel all the orthodox ways of business, redesign the framework of research and RE-INVENT! For the next generation. For us, NGA is all about fusion of science and technology with creative arts.

We thoroughly believe that ‘it’s rather simple with NGA‘.

Founder and CEO : Anshul Anand – linkedin

Anshul Anand

Anshul is a musician, coder, garage-innovator completely self-taught from the Wild West parts of Delhi. NGA or Next Generation Arts is a product design company still creating prototypes and testing them while looking for investors and strategic partners to commercialize the innovations.

Anshul on his journey with Mentors :

From composing music to directing music videos then boom! creating complex technologies. My journey as I think of it – “what’s next? “

The guardians of my life, my parents, sketched an imaginary map of the path they believe I should take in order to have a successful life. But “successful life” is defined by how victoriously the map holder completes the journey that is set before him or her. I lost the map.

I am not sure if your kids should read this. But in my late teens I started to realize that to make money you, college is not mandatory. I started earning from stage performances. Though, I was not sure about college just yet. Because my family kept on pushing me to have a degree. So, I kept trying and then I dropped out of three colleges.

While in my second attempt at college, I met Sunny sir (Sunny Narang) through a mutual connection, Mr. Vaibhav Puri.

 Sunny sir required music to be composed for Anglian Football (for which he and Vaibhav  sir wrote lyrics)  and I pitched for the job. Sunny Sir gave me my first break in the music industry as a music and video director, despite having no portfolio or much of experience. Since then they have been my mentors in not just business but also in life. They both have been a constant source of motivation for me. Vaibhav Sir has taught and shared all the deep insights that he has and gains about businesses. 

About how to structure a company, secure funds, commercialise products and follow a course of action.

It’s because of Sunny Sir’s belief in the visionary young kid (me) that made my belief stronger. The belief of following your crazy visions. 

Not just he has funded my crazy ideas (NGA) but also he always simplifies difficult scenarios for me. Sometimes even spoon feed what needs to be done for my best. 

For me who comes from bit of a conventional family, his guidance has been very crucial for me to think independently and bring out honest creativity. Resulting in the creation of the products like the Mug Stabilizer.

During the beginning years of NGA, I met Sauman dada (Sauman Das Gupta, coordinator, INSIST). 

He gave me what I always desired – To create serious technologies. I was inspired by how he thinks grand and his knowledge of how things work.

 Under his mentorship, I started researching deeply on pollution which led to the creation of Air-eye and 2dGM. Which I still am pursuing.

 I feel quite fortunate and thankful to have the mentors that I have. There is only so much that someone can describe how people have been a positive influence on them.

But one thing that became my rule of pursuing anything  –

“Khud ko bachana ho toh poori duniya ko bhul ja” – Sunny Narang. 

When someone or something has become so big that it will not let you be free or think straight, then quit it , don’t try to be legendary or great and still be a slave in mind , heart and imagination.”

Air-Eye –

Currently is in development. A portable weather station for your home. It’s body is a handmade wooden design with five layers of matte paint on its surface. The built in sensors detects the levels of air pollution (PM2.5 & PM10), temperature, humidity & sound in your environment.

Mug-Stab –

An elegant refreshing wooden design to give you an unexplored experience of having your favourite drink just right next to you. NGA’s mug stabilizer is a next generation mug holder to put on your bed. It will stabilize your mugs/glasses on your bed and let you be free

Pulse –

Pulse is a 1 watt handmade portable guitar amplifier designed to provide a room filling sound. It’s a perfect practice amp for all musicians from beginners to experts. The matte finish on its surface and its elegant color combinations give it a unique and refreshing outlook in the world of amps.

2dGM –

2dGM is an advanced system of monitoring air pollution to uncover massive amount of information on the air pollution over our cities. A system that will not just monitor the air pollution but also will identify the point source/s of air pollution and their strength at which they pollute the surrounding areas. It will aid us to be much more accurate with our actions against air-pollution by empowering us to develop, create, innovate and invent ingenious ways to fight air pollution.

From Sunny Narang’s Facebook Posts :


27th September, 2017

Today I want to share the Young Mad, Anshul Anand, who made a complex paper of the Pure Water Cryptocurrency into an digestible presentation .

He is a tinkerer, an innovator, a website designer who is also a musician and a music instrument developer, who is also with Sauman Da, making this whole Paani Project come together behind the scenes.

Check this out NGA Life

Anshul has created a grid based air-pollution sensing system Air-Eye .

Then the Mug-Stabilizer , to sit on sofa or bed and chat without your tea falling.

And the handmade portable guitar amplifier, for which actually I funded NGA aka Next Generation Arts !

I met Anshul, in 2012 , he was 21, still trying his hand at college, because his family felt it was essential to get a degree.

I have a soft corner for drop-outs, being one myself from IIT Bombay ! I empathise a lot with my fellow Jati members who find it very difficult to be in Institutional pedagogy.

I mean I hear these secularists talk daily about ‘Institutional Religion’, what else is an ‘Educational Institution’ if not a ‘Coded-Conditioned-Mind-Numbing-System’

So we were looking for someone to sing and compose a song for a music video. That believed in ‘Our Own Heroes’, in the sport of Football.

It was ‘Aao Dhundhe Apne Hero’, way back before ISL- Indian Super League was even imagined .

He did a great job .

Then again another music video came up the following year in 2013.

As a counterpoint to the Yo Yo Honey Singh, we created a song ‘Vekho Mundeyon – Football Queen‘ celebrating women footballers .

Then in 2014, he wanted to build a new portable guitar amplifier for young and senior musicians that would be ‘Made in India’ and cheaper and better than the imported ones.

So he started the research and development and sampling even before he had his first company as a 23 year old, with no college degree.

I have this young man, who I joke can get even ‘Dasvi Fail’ set up a Private Limited Company and make a Business Plan.

Mr. Vaibhav Puri. Himself a footballer, an economic researcher, a real-estate man and a lyrics writer !

He was my ‘Circuit’ in those days.

So instead on the Portable Amp, which is now ready Anshul got an idea of a Mug Stabilizer instead, as he saw his young nephews and sisters dropping milk and tea while sitting on their double beds !

In Delhi, actually much of the family life is lived on Double Beds.

So Anshul imagined that it was important to have an innovation where you could keep a mug and the getting on and off the mattress did not trouble the Mug !

A next generation mug holder designed to provide you with an unexplored experience of having your favorite drinks in bed, just right next to you.’

But then before production could begin, he was charmed by creating the cheapest pollution sensor for Delhi’s pollution , with an app , inspired by Sauman Da.

I was present at a presentation we did in front to the famous Sunita Narain, Founder Head of Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) !

NGA’s Air-eye is a portable weather station for your home. It detects the vitals of your indoor environment to help you keep it fresh always. It senses PM2.5, PM10, sound, temperature and humidity.

And while showing this around, Anshul ran out of all funds, and started to self-learn to make websites, as well as do odd-jobs doing small music compositions for videos.

And on the Paani Project.

Yesterday I checked his website, and I saw, in 2017, was the final version, 3 years later of the first product he pitched to me !

‘Pulse is a 1 watt handmade portable guitar amplifier designed to provide a room filling sound. It’s a perfect practice amp for all musicians from beginners to experts.’

So it is young men like Anshul, who keep the hope in the creative madness and passion of Indian style innovation alive .

With their hearts in the right place .

With music, sustainability, imagination, utility, simplicity, humility, all together.

He is looking for strategic investors, supporters, buyers of his products .

Please write in to info@ngalife.com


18th June, 2016

No patent. No electricity. Produced by Masses. Locally available Natural resource. Effective.

Anshul Anand is a young musician, tinkerer, maker in his 20’s.

He came to me, when we were looking for a team to sing and compose a song ‘Aao Dhundhe Apne Hero’, to tell young Indians that we need to scout, nurture, support Indian talent in football.

Then Anshul realised, despite not completing college, that he loved garage innovation.

Then he came to me to help him start a start-up, that is not going to make millions in valuations, but innovate with heart, simple products for Indians.

I call this ‘Lifestyle Investing , as compared to ‘Valuation Investment’ . This is about working out creative solutions and services , products and events, that will achieve not global, but local, regional, sectoral purposes.

This for me, is between the for-profit and non-profit, the rainbow between the black and white, mostly heart-breaking stuff, that neither the save-the-world foundations or savvy investors look at.

By now I have surrounded myself with what other call ‘Shiv ki baraat‘, crazies, enough for a lifetime.

Anshul has a couple of new musical instruments as well as electronics for musicians in making, but by then he was distracted by Sauman Das Gupta a crazy hippy-nerd who has been involved in manufacturing innovation of renewable energy systems, blockchain ,and hordes of innovations with a community of inventors worldwide .

Sauman heads technology in Indian School of Innovation in Sustainability, a non-profit start-up for working in sustainability solutions .

Together they are evolving some pollution sensing stuff, that is impressing dadas’ in Delhi scientist circuit .

Now that Anshul is already into sensors of all kinds, he is looking at why certain traditional technologies and products retain their immense functionality and sustainability despite so many technological innovations .

He just did a small study on the ‘Matka’.

Its cooling abilities is my favourite reason. I performed a simple study where I tested how much an earthen pot can bring down the temperature of water. And, the results were surprising (see below). A regular earthen pot can cool room temperature water by 9-11 °C. This natural process gives the water an earthen flavour and makes the water feel very gentle on the throat unlike the water from the refrigerator.

The study was done in day time in mid of the month May, 2016. The water stored in the pot was at room temperature. You can see in the table that right after 15 minutes the temperature of the water fell down 2°C. And in only in one hour it was 11°C lower than the room temperature. As we can see that it went up 1°C by the fourth hour, so with that we can make a simple conclusion that : if we store water in an earthen pot then the water will be with added natural flavour and pleasantly chilled after approximately 2 hours. (as the water temperature will stabilize by then).

Below are some reasons for “why an earthen pot is an incredible way of storing drinking water”.

Its Alkaline Clay –

The alkaline nature of the clay provides the proper pH balance to the water by interacting with the acidity of water. This nature of clay is quite useful and is one of the few well-documented benefits of drinking water from an earthen pot. In fact, the water stored in an earthen pot can provide relief to gastronomic pains.

Boosts Metabolism –

we all know that drinking good amount of water can boost our metabolism. But Unfortunately the majority of our everyday drinking water is being stored in plastic containers. Not all but many of our plastic containers contains BPA (bisphenol A) which a dangerous chemical. BPA has been shown to affect reproduction and brain development. It also lower the testosterone levels which is key hormone for male virility, metabolism and strength.

Storing water in earthen pot is much better than using steel, plastic and glass containers. It doesn’t have any such harmful chemicals. The water of earthen pots tastes natural, pleasantly chilled and also helps improve metabolism and virility. It has no other replacement in quenching the thirst and satisfaction of drinking water.

Its Natural Cooling

The earthen pot has evaporative cooling. Capillary action causes water to seep and evaporate from the mini-pores in the pot, taking the heat from the water inside, thus making the water inside cooler than the outside temperature.

In my findings, the evaporative cooling of an earthen pot brings down the temperature of water to an appropriate point for satisfying one’s thirst. After gym, I personally struggle almost every time to get the right temperature of water by mixing the warm and the cold. But the pot is naturally doing that job. The water will be 9-11 °C cooler than the environment which makes it very gentle to the throat. It is also an ideal temperature of water for people suffering from cough or cold.

Throw a coin in it –

We need a certain percentage of copper in our body for survival. And, It is believed that if we put a copper coin in the pot then after 10 hours the copper nutrients will be transferred to the water making the water much more useful for human body.”


23rd September, 2013

kajrari akhiyon wali
kanon mein chamke bali
bindiya bhi chamke jaye
payal shor machaye re

kamariya matke jay
ye dil mera jhatke khaye
ke surat kitni pyari
ghayal duniya sari re

kya hai tera pata itna bata
ye dil puche
chal jane de pata tu
naam hi bata de na

labho ki lali re
ye zulfey kali re
gali se jab nikle
mera dil fisle re . . . . . x2

fisalta jau re
sambhal na pau re
tere itrane se
mera dum nikle re

tu sun re o matwari
lagey tu kitni pyari
main tujhpe jau wari
wari sau sau bari re

kya hai tera pata itna bata
ye dil puche
chal jane de pata tu
naam hi bata de na

Well these are two guys who I call the Dilli West Side Story !

Anshul Anand is still in college (his dad would hope he would leave it soon) of Rajasthani origins who composes music and is a garage electronics innovator, making some musician based technology which he feels is next big idea ! Sumit Pratihast is studying film, sings with a band , is of Maithali origins and grew up with folk and popular musicians and singers coming in from Bihar to perform for tyohars in Delhi . And Vaibhav Puri the footballer/song-writer/harfan-maula of Punjabi Bagh introduced both of them, great friends, to me.
By now we have done two songs and one music video with them. One was our anthem ‘Aao Dhundhe Apne Hero’ and the other the Punjabi Rap ‘Vekho Mundeyon’ which got more than 400,000 views on youtube and now we are collaborating with international musicians for our next number. We hope to do more music with them.
With lacs of expats from all over the world and a vibrant local music scene, I see new kinds of possibilities emerging in NCR. This song of theirs is a tribute to older Hindustani films.

Playful and light, humourous in tone and as they say “It takes you to old school bollywood romance with a tinge of groove. Give it a go !”