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Director and Co-Founder : Happily Unmarried/ Ustraa

Happily Unmarried was anti-established by Rajat Tuli and Rahul Anand in 2003.They claim they are in the business of selling fun. Their range of quirky gifts and life style accessories became iconic in interesting stores all across India.Their activities extended to organizing live music events that included ‘Music in the Hills’, a bi-annual happening . They worked towards launching the first Happily Unmarried Bar & Kitchen , which finally never saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

Rajat Tuli & Rahul Anand are graduates of MICA, Ahmedabad. The idea of Happily Unmarried struck them long time ago when they were out for a run. They realized that in this family oriented country there was no one targeting singles and young people. One thing led to another (starting with abandoning the run to go to a cyber-cafe to register the brand name url).

They even set-up a small unit to manufacture and print marbles once with iconic cricket players. It was Ustraa – the Male Cosmetic Brand that took them to the skies.

They have a collection of more failed product stories than anyone else . But they never gave up having and spreading fun. It’s their true religion.

Rahul Anand on the journey as an entrepreneur –

I am the co-founder of Happily Unmarried and Ustraa.

My biggest education in life has come from entrepreneurship : Starting a new idea with no money will teach you everything in life. For record I did my schooling from Patna and graduation from Kirorimal College ,Delhi University . Then I ended up in MICA ( Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad )

This is where I met Rajat. And we have been partners ever since . To be entrepreneurs first rule in make lifelong partnerships !

Start with whatever you have and whatever you can: Both Rajat & I started Happily Unmarried in 2003. We must have been mad enough to start a new, radical concept which everyone thought will never work.

And then we must have been absolutely zany to start it with no money.

We wanted singles to mingle , and create a marketplace for single young peoples before Facebook even was founded .

We were there in 2003 . They came in 2004 .

The First guy through the wall always get bloody : Happily Unmarried wasn’t an easy journey. Concept selling in India in the pre-social media days was tough. But we persisted.

We bootstrapped and we tried pretty much everything under the sun from making printed marbles to zipped coconuts ! We didn’t make big money but we made a brand.

Many clones followed.

Up the game: The world will change and so should you. Our goals in life are now different and bigger.

That’s how Ustraa & Men’s grooming came into our life. Big market, tougher competition. Time to change the rules of the game in a bigger arena.

If you are lucky, you will meet the right people to back you : We did. That’s how we met Sunny. He believed in us even more than we believed in ourselves. He is one of the few guys around who can invest without looking at your excel sheet.

Dream Float on an Impatient mind. A wind that wants to create a new order, an order of strength and thunder of fire : (APJ Kalam on the launch of Agni). Well, if you have fire then give your idea your best shot.

Lage Raho. Kuch toh ho hi jayega. Keep trying and all the best.


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IRajat Tuli & Rahul Anand Co-Founders, Happily Unmarried www.happilyunmarried.com Happily Unmarried was anti established in 2003 with no vision and no business plan! Actually at somepoint they did make a business plan but according to that they should have retired 5 years ago! They make fun products, do music festivals, work with corporates when they want to do interesting work and lately have been doing a lot of projects involving branding, communication, interiors, marketing all rolled into one (they are trying to think of a name for someone who does all that but no luck yet). In short, Happily Unmarried is for that segment of India which is young at heart, appreciates a good sense of humour and is willing to pick up some out of the box products!

FOX Life India ‘Be your Own Boss’ features HappilyUnmarried (HU) the company that defines the term “Desi Quirk” 🙂 An insight into the lives of Founders Rahul Anand & Rajat Tuli:-) And what makes HU tick:-P