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Fire Fighter & Co-Founder : Happily Unmarried / Ustraa

Rajat Tuli on Sunny Narang as Mentor –

“Unless you are an ivy league ka well connected jhamoora the way you start a business is by relying on your gut, not a business plan, not Capital just your damn instinct.

We started pretty much that way with no capital no fixed business idea just a lot of enthusiasm and pagalpan.

In your journey you will meet a lot of good people who will give you sensible advise about how what you are doing is a waste and it will never succeed. And how good boys who do MBA should take up nice jobs and settle down.

Unfortunately, you will also meet some mad people and one of them will be called Sunny. They will be super excited about what you are doing even if at the back of their mind they would know that this is not the right business.

They will encourage you, laugh with you and go all about town to talk about the exciting things that you are doing. They will also connect you to anyone who they think can help your business idea blossom into a full-fledged business enterprise.

On the way you will make mistakes, screw up, run out of money. Good people will give you the we told you so looks, the mad man Sunny will laugh at you and say Beta aisey hi seekhtey hai, he will also sign cheques and let you borrow money on very reasonable terms.
He won’t look at the B plan he will only look at the dream in your eyes and your passion. (did not want to use the word passion in the entire passage that P word is used so often the word has lost its meaning). Gradually (10 years minimum) things will fall start falling into place.

Nothing will come easy you will have to struggle at every corner but if you are ever starting a business or have an interesting idea about anything try and look for this Sunny guy.

He understands ideas, he understands business, he understands people but most importantly he knows how to mix them together to create magic.”


Yes. Yes. Yes. We all want to know the brainchild behind the Sandaas ashtray or the Cheeni Kam glasses! Meet one of the design entrepreneurs of the contemporary India: Rajat Tuli. He’d take us through the story behind the story! From the shotglass ki amar kahani to the tiffin dabba CD rack- take a run across with the man himself. Enjoy! Website: www.happilyunmarried.com

Rajat Tuli of Happily Unmarried at Channel V

20:20 MSL was fortunate to have Rajat Tuli from Happily Unmarried to give all the gyaan along the theme of ‘Desi Content Curators’.Check out his message for the millennial !