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Rohit TalwarRohit Talwar

Specialization : Product Design , Development and Prototyping, Production Planning, Supply-Chain Management

Rohit has a BE Electrical from Bharti Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering, Pune.

After his engineering degree, Rohit joined the family business in 1997, based out of the major handicrafts exports hub of Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh.

He is currently looking after Design, Marketing & Production in his family-owned enterprise.

He now has more than 20 years of expertise in making products out of mixed media, such as Glass, Aluminium & Iron for Large Retail Chains in the US like Pier 1, Cost Plus World Market, Z Gallerie.

Other clients include Minuteman International, Achla Designs & America’s Gardening Resources, all dealing in the specialized ranges for the Garden. He also works with major importers like Zodax and India Connection.

Rohit is expanding their range of Decorative Accessories for the European homes to increase their client base in Europe. Customized product-development for various EU based clients is the current and future vision building on his experience over the years in brand-aligned product development for old clients with exclusivity for their markets.
The company is well-known and respected for its high quality standards, integrity and ethical business practices.

Rohit has personally invested in Start-Ups like Happily Unmarried & Microspin.


He mentored and supported Happily Unmarried‘s growth by providing them production support for small quantities during their initial phase and commercializing their ability to provide better retail margins while remaining profitable. Rohit believes in old world solid-value based business models of both revenue and profitability , not being comfortable with just valuation-led investing, without strong business performance.

He has also invested in a US Start up “PatternX”, dealing in AI (Artificial Intelligence). Started by his brother’s batch-mate from Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences (BITS) Pilani, the company deals in curbing online fraud using AI. The company claims to have the highest percentage success rate (99%) in curbing real time fraud with the help of their self learning AI based Algorithms.

Rohit has also unsuccessfully tried starting a Cab Company servicing the corporate sector by the name of Cabs ‘R’ Us along with a family and friends owned investment arm looking at Indian Arts, Cinco Ventures.

Rohit feels that the biggest challenges facing the Indian Startup Ecology are the lack of Growth Capital and young founders energy being dissipated by archaic government policies and bureaucratic systems.

Rohit Talwar on Sunny Narang as Mentor –
“Have always been the sort to help others whenever the opportunity was there without expecting anything in return…..”ek alag si khushi milti hai” !! Whether it was trying so hardshell a close friend’s watches to anyone who showed interest in one to making Hotel reservations & flight bookings just because I wanted my friends to have the best deals. Have always wanted to help a friend one way or another, little did I know that one day this was all going to come right back to me !!
During my marriage to Richa, I was introduced to her close cousin, Sunny Narang, who eventually became SUNNY Maamu (“cause my kids address him so). 
A person very much like myself but with several times more energy & enthusiasm. Our liking for one another was mutual & almost instantaneous. Sporting a Gleaming Smile, he was fun to be around and always had abundant experiences to share. 
One day he introduced me to Rajat Tuli & Rahul Anand and their little baby in the making ‘Happily Unmarried’
So impressed was I at hearing their ideas that I immediately agreed to help them in their dream venture. The numbers soon rose from 25 pcs per article to 500 pcs and the rest is history. I soon turned from vendor to an Angel Investor in HU thanks to Sunny Maamu & there’s been no looking back since. Its been a great journey together & I’ve cherished every moment on the way !!
Next in line was Microspin, another great idea that he believed in & we invested together. It may not have delivered on its promise (in terms of return on investment) yet but we still believe in the story & the person behind it and are sure they will get their due some day…..sooner than later !!
There have been more such instances but I could not invest in all of them & I’m sure there are lots more to come…..In Sunny Maamu, I believe & know there’s a lot we can do together in times to come !!!”