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Rohit Tickoo

Specialization : Art, Design and Photography

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Rohit is Co-Founder of Pune’s iconic Design and Craft store Either Or, founded in 1999.

 An alumni of SRCC, Delhi University, he started with marketing laptops for Texas Instruments and modelled for many a successful campaigns.

This ‘Raymond’s Man’ then self taught himself photography, graphic design, product and apparel design and created stationery and printing based products.

He also put his heart and soul into space design, believing in learning while doing.

Abiding by the wholesome rule that the only thing constant is change, Rohit has over the years besides being a chameleon artist in changing his image also kept changing and dabbling into various forms of artistic expression that manifest themselves into a visual experience of diverse kinds.

He without trying too hard is always found experimenting processes every other day to inspire , and stimulate himself to enjoy the layers that come from the constant trials with new mediums and skills .

It could be running  marathons, understanding and studying the nuances of health and fitness, shooting in air pistol competitions, putting oneself in endurance games or dabbling in all kinds of artistic pursuits  from ceramics to etching to wood engraving to painting in all kinds of mediums.

 His  some successful and many futile attempts to be a creator give him the joy of realizing that one too is being created afresh in the process of the act of creation .

He will be the listener you seek … the go to guy … the chilled out let’s get ourselves a beer and laugh at life and yet offer ideas that somehow catalyse into results … often you will find him in a good relaxed mood and with answers as the by product.

And if all else fails his happy laugh and good hug will be the unexpected bonus .

And if you are really lucky you will get to eat some Kashmiri mutton that he loves to feed the soul.

His contribution is as subtle as his response to when someone asks what he does – “kuch bhi nahi” .

As he believes Creativity flows, it happens, no one does it.

You can only prepare yourself to be the medium , by leaving yourself open to receive it via continuous experimentation and keeping your ego as Creator as minimum as possible.

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