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Sunny Sunny Narang

Sunny Narang, has been an entrepreneur, a mentor for start-ups, a writer on mysticism for a spiritual organisation, a coalition builder of various artisan design-led craft retail enterprises, a free-for-all consultant and board-member for many non-profits, co-traveler with many academics and intellectuals across social disciplines, worked with rural enterprises to create branding and marketing linkages.

He has mentored or co-travelled and invested in a number of cutting-edge start-ups, design enterprises, sports businesses and retail ventures.

In the corporate and mainstream sector he built collaboratively one of the most dynamic sports ecology in India from football teams to sports PR to Olympic talent nurturing to an online sports platform. Sunny was the main driving force behind the family-led conglomerate’s India operations from 2010-2017.

In his earlier role as Chairman of the family-led conglomerate he was instrumental in expanding the bright bar business to Pune and Chennai while simultaneously upgrading technology and quality to match the expectations of global auto-component and auto companies setting up bases across India.

Sunny outlined the strategy behind the foray into Industrial Hubs, Warehousing and the Infrastructure sector.

He now actively mentors his own personal portfolio of start-ups and manages his investments via Rasa Investments Group which includes his personal holdings as well as via his holding companies and explores his passion for Desinomics .

He is a knowledge scrounger now. Having fun networking, knowing, exploring people and enterprises that interest him. His enduring passion has been building coalitions for adding value to multiple stakeholders.

His interests span the intersection of anthropology, culture, sustainability, employment, politics, public policy, entrepreneurship, innovation and research.

Desinomics is the front side view of Indian economic life embedded in its unique social reality, as it happens.

Like life, most social interaction and economic activity, in our country is below/above the academic ‘intellectual’ radar and the best studies are in the private realm of corporations, consultancies, think-tanks, inspired individuals and community knowledge realms of Jatis (Castes) and Sampradayas (Religious Sects ).

It is Indian social and economic life in its glorious uncertainty, creativity and vibrancy.


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