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The Culinary Lounge is a highly interactive culinary studio space designed to make the art of cooking and baking a memorable and unique adventure. A space that brings food enthusiasts from different walks of life together to create highly curated and specialized dining experiences. Nestled in the green environs of Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad – our studio space is spread across 6000 sqft and access to a vast network of professional chefs, promising home chefs, culinary trainers and bakers who ensure you have a world class culinary experience.

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Founder CEO : Gopi Byluppala – linkedin

With our world class infrastructure and experienced team of culinary professionals, we ensure a seamless culinary experience to all our clients. Our vast range of services include :

Corporate Cookouts –

Ensure your team has an outstanding culinary experience where they get to cook an entire meal by themselves from scratch. Let our team of chefs guide you in creating lip smacking dishes that you get to devour at the end of the day! The activity happens at our state-of-the-art work stations which are equipped with the best quality crockery, cutlery and ingredients so you aren’t left asking for anything more.

Team building events –

A team- building activity, this comes with a surprise element to spice things up. The participants don’t know the ingredients they are cooking with, or the cuisine, so they think on their feet, as a team, to win the competition. What brings teams together better than creativity under pressure? That’s easy, it is creativity about FOOD under pressure- getting to do fun things and plates filled with delicious food to show for it.

Private events/ dining parties –

From an intimate gathering to a formal party, our space transforms into anything you need. Add our green environs and state-of-the-art kitchens, this is the recipe for your perfect party. Wow your guests with the attention we pay to the little details and seamless organize your big day!

Kids Cooking Club –

I’m possible Chefs, the exclusive kids’ cooking club by the Culinary Lounge, offers certification courses for children. The courses, conducted by professional chefs, are of two kinds- the basic course for beginners and the advanced course for kids looking to improve their skills. Think your kid would be interested in being a certified chef? Sign them up now!

Family/ Couple Cookouts –

Few things bring families closer than good food does. Whether you’re a couple looking to kindle romance or a family looking to bond, look no further! From just the two of you learning to cook together to dividing the whole family into teams and having exciting, fun cook-offs, we do everything. Come, cook, bond. After all, a family that eats together, stays together.

Summer Camps –

This summer, let your kids discover and pursue their passion for cooking. Our four-day workshops are a place where they make friends, play around and have fun while they learn the art of cooking. Professional chefs instruct and guide them through the entire process and they usually end up gobbling up everything they make! This is one fine way to spend the holidays, if we say so ourselves.

Cooking Workshops/ Specialized Masterclasses –

From the very exclusive masterclasses where a seasoned chef trains you in cuisines/ dishes of your choice to cooking/baking workshops where you can sign up for our themed workshops, we provide all kinds of culinary learning possible. There are exclusive masterclasses and workshops for children too! This is where your search for very customizable cooking lessons ends.

Commercials and recipe shoots –

The location, the lawns and gardens to our interiors and kitchens, everything here is highly professional and beautiful and what’s more, it looks the part too. Chefs, Food & Beverage brands, companies in the media and entertainment industries.. literally anyone can use our studios and shoot aesthetic commercials and recipe videos. Our premises are available for rent on an hourly basis.

Culinary Competitions –

Held both in-house and for external events, our competitions are extremely well planned and conducted, to ensure the participants concentrate only on cooking and nothing else. We also bring in seasoned/well-known chefs for judging and supervising the competitions, so keep checking for our announcements of culinary battles in the city.

Our Space –

Our high end fully functional kitchen boasts of six whirlpool kitchen tops, KitchenAid gadgets and 6-73 litre ovens and is stocked with basic crockery, cutlery, cutting boards, knives ensuring a smooth cooking experience.

Gopi Byluppala

Founder CEO : Gopi Byluppala – linkedin

Gopi graduated from University of Madras in 2004. He then joined Symphony Services , a product based service organization at Bangalore , as a Product Engineer. Worked for 4 years & then he joined Oracle India Pvt.ltd as Sr.Quality Engineer. He worked as an Automation expert for a product – Primavera. Worked there for almost 5 years and then started his dream venture – FEAZT .

Feazt was a social dining platform in India, lead by Gopi since its inception.

Then Feazt evolved and merged into The Culinary Lounge.

The only way we know to say ‘I love you’ or ‘Thank you’ is through food“, says Gopi Krishna, founder of the amazing place The Culinary Lounge. Catch Apoorva Srinivasan along with Radio ka Nawab Mirchi Shadab taking us through this amazing place which we are sure you too would love to visit – May, 2018. You can also dropin at ‘The Culinary Lounge, Plot 15, Bharani Layout, Narne Road, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500092’

The Culinary Lounge Inaugural August, 2017

A new culinary revolution has began ! The Culinary Lounge has been inaugurated by Master Chef Pankaj Bhadouria and Chef Mandaar. Lets get ready to culinary adventure !

July 29th , 2018
Sunny Narang Facebook Post


With Jayesh Ranjan , Principal Secretary Govt of Telangana and Andrew Fleming Deputy Commissioner of UK in Hyderabad on the panel discussing food ecology , start ups , cold chain , warehousing , food processing .

Amazing speech by the Secretary , making Telangana the logistics hub as its centre of India . Big deals coming up. Told me the Amazon fulfillment centre is biggest in Asia.

And many more logistic hubs coming .

Telangana Government will support start ups by being the first client .

Very progressive and proactive for building a nurturing start-up ecology.

He said , VC’s say only 10 in 100 start -ups succeed , but then they try again and again , their 2nd , their 3rd , their 4th , finally many do become entrepreneurs , and that should be the way we create a creative entrepreneurial culture .

Hyderabad is located right in middle of India and 90 percent speak understand Hindustani . Cosmopolitan .

It is the intersection of North and South .
Both Jayesh and Andrew supportFateh Hyderabad AFCan I- League 2 division club and are big football fans.
Andrew was talking about the whole cold storage technology and solutions that UK has developed and how India is one of their biggest partners of the future .

Met some amazing start ups from health and nutrition to delivering home cooked food , like a Swiggy of home catering .

There were Master Chef contestants , Professional Chefs , foodies , organic farming and food processing supporters .

Even a school girl sandwich entrepreneur who makes and sells sandwiches for 1 hour a day after school !
Thanks Gopi Kishore, Vishala Reddy for the opportunity to interact and engage with so many passionate , interesting people from digital content creators to radio jockeys to sports management guys to academics .

Hoping for many great Handi Talks The Culinary Lounge.

And that Hyderabad and Telangana become the food innovation hub of India !

June 22nd, 2018

Hyderabadis watched the 33 year-old in season four of MasterChef India (where she came up as second runner-up) and the city has long been eager to take a page from her book.

Much to her delight, her first session of her Wednesdays With Chef Bhakti at The Culinary Lounge featured the king of fruit and was aptly themed ‘Mango magic.’ Dishes that made the menu included mango pani puri, Caribbean mango curry and Thai dual-mango fried rice. Recalling the session, she smiles and comments, “The main thought behind the workshop was the universal love for mango. Now, the first intention with such a fruit is to make a dessert, a cheesecake, or a custard typically sweet dishes. We do also see them used to make aamras with puri or parathas, and the raw variety is used for cooking. So I wanted to change the way people looked at the ripe mango. So in the workshop, when the students saw me adding onion and garlic, they said ‘eewww!’ But when they smelled the aroma during cooking, they changed their minds.” And so further barriers were broken, just as she intended.

Chef Bhakti Arora in playing the diner’s advocate : The Hindu

2nd June, 2018

Young enthusiastic chefs flocked in large numbers the Culinary Carnival hosted by The Culinary Lounge at Hitex here on Saturday. Showcasing their innate culinary talent and competing with each other, the children at the two-day event were provided with tips by Masterchef fame chef Smita Dugar.

Over 26 children in the age group of seven to 12 years participated in the cupcake war, beautifully decorating cupcakes chosen from an array of toppings. The children came up with different concepts such as rocket cupcake, rose garden, island with a house and Christmas tree. “The level of imagination of these children is impressive, and they are interactive and participative,Meghana Reddy from The Culinary Lounge said. The event organisers came up with a small demonstration on cupcake and toppings, which helped the children complete the task in the given one hour. “We kept things hygienic and made required arrangements. Similarly, students were told about hygiene and given tips regarding safety while cooking,” she said.

The Culinary Lounge is hosting ‘Culinary Carnival’ for children at Hitex on June 2 and 3. On the inaugural day, organisers conducted two events — Cupcake War and Summer Salad Bonanza. Kitchen Aid gave away prizes of Rs 50,000 for winners. Telangana Today is the media partner for Culinary Carnival.

Young Chefs of Hyderabad spice up cooking with imagination : Telangana Today

23rd December, 2017

I’m Possible Chefs – An exclusive kids cooking club

I’M Possible Chefs – An exclusive kids cooking club, yet another initiative by The Culinary Lounge & Feazt in association with Chef Bhakti Arora Manekar and #YoungChefIndia2017

Trisha Reddy, is getting launched with a mission to deliver culinary experiences that nurture kids confidence in the kitchen and beyond!!

Our recipe for this program is simple but revolutionary : We believe kids who cook, eat : that cooking is the foundation for a healthy, wholesome life. Stay tuned for more interesting updates !


16th August, 2017

The Culinary Lounge is the brainchild of Gopi Krishna Kishore Byluppala, and it is tucked in the bylanes of Narne Road, Jubilee Hills. This new concept of savouring food and having an experiential time is bound to impress you.

Wondering how it works? Well, it’s very simple and yet very different. Instead of taking your family and friends out for dinner/ lunch to restaurants, The Culinary Lounge gives you an opportunity to host a gathering in a different way. Here, you can book the venue, where you and your guests can cook with the help of the designated chef and enjoy your meal.

You get to choose the cuisine and if you want a particular chef, you may choose one. Basically, your wish is their command here. And remember that you can ask for any cuisine and chef from across the globe.

As of now, we are associated with about 380 chefs from different parts of the country,” says Gopi. It is also an initiative taken up to give a platform to self-made/professional chefs, for people to try traditional cuisines, which are lesser known, and it’s a good activity for cooperative team bonding.

At The Culinary Lounge, it’s not just about hosting, cooking and eating — while you do so, you automatically bond over food. “Coming from a joint family, during festivals, our home would always have lots of people and we would bond over home-cooked food and I always enjoyed those moments,” says Gopi. He later realised that food can act as a lubricant to create friendly relations, bringing positive vibes.

There are two packages :- The experiential dinner, which is exclusively for only 15 people and the mass dinner where only a maximum of 40 people will be admitted. The place will also host cooking workshops in either the modern kitchen set-up, in which all the appliances are powered by Whirlpool, or in the traditional kitchen style. Though we may think that the price may go a little heavy on our pockets, Gopi believes, “Cooking is an art and art shouldn’t be made cheap. But, the price will be reasonable and the quality will speak for it.

Tailor-made feast at Culinary Lounge : Telengana Today

7th August, 2017

So you love to cook? Is treating guests to your home made delicacies a thing of joy for you? If you are not a professional chef for the lack of a hotel degree, but your fans are convinced you are no less than one, then that’s good enough!

Then you are among a growing set of people who love to cook and present their specialities to those who appreciate food that’s outside the purview of a commercial menu. Home chef is the new buzz word and a happening community in the world of feasting, treating, menu planning and hosting.

This community of home chefs have been surprising food lovers in many states and regions. The speciality of these chefs and their get-togethers is that one gets to taste something unique each time they sign for one. However, some home chefs are not able to host guests for lack of a proper hosting options. Sometimes the sheer thought of the preparation tires one out; add to this, unreliable house helps, shortage of water, power fluctuations etc are serious challenges. Now these issues seems to be a thing of the past with Feazt opening a Culinary Lounge.

A lounge where you can cook to host your own party, host your custom made party with the chef from any corner of the country and treat your guests to the most unheard of exotic tribal dish with unique ingredients. The possibilities are many provided one is ready to spend that extra penny for an exquisite meal. With the idea of taking social dining to the next level, Feazt Culinary lounge comes equipped with state of the art inbuilt kitchen appliances including built-in hoods, hobs, ovens, microwave oven and refrigerators. .

How does the Culinary Studio work? It is as simple as hosting your private dinner with the luxury of your choice of chef and cuisine. One can choose from the glossary of chefs Feazt has or the host is also at will to pick their own from any part of the country. ‘All to be paid by the host.

Feazt that started as a ‘Pay and eat’ concept in 2014, gained popularity through social media network groups. Once the idea caught up in the city, it kept hobby chefs busy hosting lunch/dinner at homes. The new method of dining out offers a win-win solution for both diners and chefs.

With the increase in number of hobby chefs and pop up kitchens, Feazt stands apart in the market is the technology platform which gives information on dinners and lunches and experience, apart from just lip-smacking food. Feazt may be best described as a common ground where people meet over amazing food at homes. “It is a community marketplace to explore local cultures, authentic cuisines and build beautiful bonds with people over delicious meals. Feazt creates a unique dining experience. It’s Social Dining,” says Gopi Krishna Kishore Byluppala, who founded the Hyderabad-based company Feazt. He wants it to be a platform for cross pollination of cultures and rituals. Since Feazt aspired to be a gateway to the world; to explore cultures, traditions, authentic food and build beautiful relations Gopi felt a studio kitchen would work the best. “Feazt helped me bring all talented chefs, hobby/home chefs, travellers, food lovers, networkers onto a single window and that enabled us to build the network for The Culinary Studio,” says Gopi.

Having been brought up in a huge joint family, festivals and dinners were no fun without a group, says Gopi. “It might not be possible to do it everyday, but over weekends everyone wants to be a part of a family or a gathering and this is where Feazt comes in handy,” he smiles.

The latest in the city to join the swelling number of eating options in a culinary video : The Hindu

2nd August, 2017

#Gopi #Hyderabad #TheCulinaryLounge #Feazt #NeverEatAlone  #StartUps #OfPassion 

I mentor many start ups with people who have passion.

I may or may not have equity.

This one is by Gopi Kishore a nerd who is passionate about cooking and cuisine and he charmed me into taking symbolic equity as he wanted me as his mentor.

He started the cuisine sharing platform Feazt that made many people in Hyderabad eat and enjoy each other in different homes the different cuisines and cultures of India with their family and individual variations.

Now the new addition is The Culinary Lounge, where chefs or passionate cooks can share their love to make people celebrate food.

It is like a restaurant where the kitchen and the chef is centre, not the restaurant brand or the hotel chain.

Where people will interact and see the process of cooking just as in traditional Indian homes the kitchen was the dining room.

I am very happy that the young crazies of India are exploring creative entrepreneurship and in a thousand flavours.

3rd March, 2015

Well you see in my line of workink life I get mails like this. On Facebook, On LinkedIn.

“Gopi recently founded a startup to feed off his *occupassion* with food. Feazt is a platform (www.feazt.com) which allows people to offer unique experiences package-wrapped with food. It does this through facilitating home cooks/foodies to host food parties allowing the hosts to choose venue/cuisine/audience. Each of these food feazt experiences are informationalized inside the platform in terms of the granular feedback offered for the chefs/hosts by those who participated in the Feazt.”

What an idea, get people who like to cook to get people to eat in their homes and get appreciation and paid for it ! Guess they can do it in Hyderabad and maybe in South and Western Indian cities, not in North India for sure !

Venkataraman Ramachandran you may need background verification like Uber in Delhi! Who knows who is hiding in the kitchen or which funny characters will land up as a gang. I would ask for a passport or PAN card scan in Delhi !

23rd September, 2014

When Gopi Krishna Kishore asked his mother Saroja to organise a meal for a bunch of strangers in their Attapur residence in March, she was baffled. Mostly because he wanted her to “charge Rs 120 per person”. “Are you crazy? Why will somebody pay for my food? I don’t cook that well,” she told Gopi. However, two of his friends and eight strangers turned up that afternoon after he posted a Facebook event. The guests feasted on an elaborate Andhra meal comprising prawn fry, chicken biryani, egg fry, aloo fry, sambhar, rasam and desserts, and promised to be back. The experiment left Saroja satisfied and her IT engineer son confident about his startup idea, Feazt. Since then, 50 strangers have got together over nine feasts across the city, mainly for Andhra meals and once for an Iftar spread.

It has now got many of the moms, who attended the feasts, bringing out the stone grinders and rustling up good-old recipes of their native villages. And for outstation students and working professionals, their homes just got a little closer. Last Sunday, homemaker Ashalata was the host for the day and she says, “It’s not just about having a feast. You have people from varied backgrounds coming together and as they discuss various topics, they get to taste delicacies they had never had before.” She had an East Godavari theme.

Food, people & happiness Gopi explains what Feazt is trying to do: ‘I am connecting people who are passionate about cooking with those who like eating, exploring new varieties. This way, we can learn a lot about each other’s culture, food, variety, the way it is eaten and of course, the cooks. Honestly, India is a treasure trove when it comes to food.’ Gopi knows this well as he has been to the interiors of Rayalaseema, Nellore, Kadapa and Kakinada to pick up culinary secrets.

A feast in every sense : Deccan Chronicle