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Happy Beverages and Foods Pvt Ltd. incorporated in November 2014 and launched its first brand – woohoo doodh made by happy cows, in May 2015. The woohoo doodh team works with farmers on nature-aligned practices to build pure, unadulterated milk. In order to maintain quality standards, we also process the milk, package and home deliver it to our consumers within 24 hrs of milking. We are the first in India to launch milk in eco-friendly, paper based pack – Gable top/milk carton in India. Our goal? To make everyone that will make the good stuff in our glass as happy as us. And we do mean EVERYONE – the cows, the farmers who tend to them, the green pastures, our consumers and our team !

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Rahul Uppal

I have worked for corporations and start-ups/new initiatives at various stages of their evolution (from idea to execution). I realized that for me the real thrill lies in the high energy, nimble, high on execution start-up/new initiative environment.

An army kid, have lived/ studied in 12 towns across 6 states. A keen sportsperson, have played Squash, Lawn Tennis, Roller Hockey and Table Tennis at university & state level.

Rahul Uppal ,“the engineer turned Doodhpreneur” on his Mentors :

Sometimes all it takes to start a journey is an Idea! As they say “An Idea can change your Life Sirjee!”

An exploratory research on Indian dairy industry made me hop on to the woohoo doodh Idea!.

But sometimes you can only milk a cow so long, then you’re left holding the pail. A business idea is nothing unless you add the right mix of execution & mentoring.

I have always actively sought and been fortunate to have found Mentors:

Manohar Kamath, my senior partner at The WhiteBoarding Company. He taught me to plan and made our Startup journey a structured endeavor with milestones, one can say it was like learning how to break the Chakravyuh of Confusions. While learning from his expertise and detail oriented outlook I got exposed to over 2 dozen exciting startup projects before we ventured on our own.

Sunny, a friend, a mentor, a counsellor who always lent us a listening ear! Even during his extremely busy work schedule. He was one of those “Listeners” who always had a Solution to a Problem! , He straddles infinite worlds and brings in the perfect story every time we call him which has lessons in it for us to decipher. He has been a Saarthi to our Startup Rath!,

In the Mahabharata of Fund Allocations, Sustainability and Execution, Mr. Sujit Jain, Founder and MD of Netsurf network has been the Superman Saviour for us. Sujit has always shown extraordinary belief in us, along with rescuing our idea with a seed investment, he has taught us to have a razor sharp focus on Profitability, while maintaining a healthy Business growth. He continues to mentor and inspire us.,

Our mentors have been our Polaris when it comes to finding the right direction. They continue to shine bright upon us and keep showing us the Right Path when we are clouded by roadblocks in our journey.”

May 2018

Viral Indian Dairy

Rahul Uppal, Founder of ‘woohoo doodh – A pure, Cow milk brand with a promise to home deliver within 24 hours of milking with 0% preservatives, chemicals, antibiotics or hormones’, Shares their Startup Story –

Who inspired you to start woohoo doodh?

I have always sought and been lucky to get great mentors throughout my career. Right from business school up to advisory days Mr. Manohar Kamath was my mentor who taught me the basics of business, he used to take a one day workshop at our business school which is when i met him first. I worked on 19 start ups over 3 years at different stages of their evolution with him as my mentor.

During the last 3 years of running Happy Beverages and Foods Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Sujit Jain, Founder and MD of Netsurf network has been my mentor.

Rahul Uppal, Founder of WohooDoodh : Viral India Diary

February 2017

Entrepreneur India

They are the 35 boldest entrepreneurs of India who are changing the game in various industries and together they represent the optimism, inventiveness and boldness of India’s millennial entrepreneurs. They have not just questioned the conventional wisdom but answered it with their fiery and risky business undertakings.

They have inspired every young Indian to not shy away from breaking the status quo, rewriting the rules and transforming the world.

Entrepreneur Magazine is glad to present Rahul Uppal, the founder and director of woohoo doodh who made it to our 35 under 35 special.

While consulting a client on the dairy business, Rahul himself started researching to understand the model. He says, “I was motivated due to the advanced stage of the White Revolution, which although generated quantity, but utterly left quality go down the drain.”

This Entrepreneur Literally Milking the Cow : Entrepreneur

From Sunny Narang’s Facebook Posts :

18th August, 2015

From checking every batch of milk, to every farmer’s process on the field, to seeing that hormones are not used on the cattle and the cattle is treated well, to delivering it within 24 hours of being milked.

Read the story of two young professionals, an Armyman’s son from Indore Rahul Uppal and a savvy young woman Rohini Unnikrishnan get together in Pune to start woohoo doodh

This is the real-world start-up. From farm to home. Direct.

Trying to build a pipeline of quality and purity with integrity.

It is these enterprises which for me are the foundations of a sustainable future.

One needs many enterprises now, building of what I now call Chaubees Carat Pipelines.

6th March, 2015

Now this is innocent natural buzz !

Great start Rohini Unnikrishnan and Rahul Uppal. Just maybe this milk may make me lactose-tolerant again.

woohoo doodh from our cows to your home in less than a day making everyone happy along the way. Shot entirely on our farms at Ranjangaon near Pune. Cast: Our farmers and their cows.

26th February, 2015

Did you know that most of the milk we get in pouches is not natural. Its actually like eggs in many hotels. Its just a powder. The more you know about the food industry, the more you will not eat anywhere out !

You can now ask all the questions you want to a young 2nd time entrepreneur or should I say woohoo doodh preneur – Rahul Uppal !

I met him with his earlier company partner Manohar Kamath of The White Boarding Company in Pune when we wanted someone to study what kids in India understand about football in its schools in 2011. Manohar was with me in Hindu College who went to USA and worked in Wall Street but way before everyone decided to come back to Pune and teach kids about the oncoming crises in early 2000’s ! How everyone will have to reinvent careers and a new kind of disruptive entrepreneurship was needed.

Manohar has always had dynamic young people around him, he found me Nikhil Sharma who shifted from a career in magazine marketing in Mumbai to head the football teams of two clubs, Rohini Unnikrishnan, who left a mainstream job to study Dairy Business in Chattisgarh.

Next I hear Rahul has discovered a passionate vet Dr Narawade who has been working with many farmers and milk-producers in Pune District. And he wants to set up a ‘Happy Natural Milk‘ business with the latest technology and use apps to deliver milk in Pune.

He needed funding. Which I did not give or arrange, just like the Mahabharata we just guided him on phone, not even drove his Start-Up Ratha !

And he is the only start-up I know, who got more funding that he wasasking for, as there was a strategic investor with a vision who was already into bio-fertiliser and could see the growing demand for natural and in-time organic milk and products !

This is what is happening in India which I am loving. Outside of technology and virtual companies, real-world product companies that actually are social-enterprises with great values are getting funded and mentored by visionary investors, who themselves are successful young first-generation entrepreneurs.

Here is to more Happiness in the world and India, and best of luck to Rahul and Rohini in their new enterprise ‘Happy Beverages and Foods’. And to growing the crazy disruptive, sustainability start-up ecology of the new India.