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Rakesh Kumar Memrot aka M86

Deewaron Pe Maza Hai : The Fun is in the Walls

Rakesh Kumar Memrot is a Muralist , an artist who loves painting 70 mm scale on walls . But his sparrows can be hidden , small or big , anywhere , as he misses them deeply in his city of work , Delhi.

Rakesh Kumar

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Rakesh’s father immigrated when he was about 14 in the 1960’s to Delhi , from his village Dobla ki Dhani , Mitrapura in Sawaii Madhopur District of Rajasthan to work as a construction worker .

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He managed to become a small construction contractor , but a very bad accident forced him to turn to being a supervisor .

So Rakesh grew up between Ayanagar , a village in Delhi and his village in Rajasthan , being influenced by both his folk cultures of the larger clan and his metropolitan experience .

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He was born in 1986 , and that explains his street-art name M86 .

During his education in a Government School in Ansari Nagar , he was lucky to make friends with a fellow Bengali-student who was an artist and supportive school art teachers , who asked him to do the Commercial Art course in High School , so he could successfully enter the Jamia Millia Islamia Fine Art Faculty in 2005 for his degree in Art Education with Painting as his specialty .

As he came from a financially difficult background from his first year in college he started working on big painting projects in 2006 , at a daily wage of Rs.150/- .

After his graduation in 2009 , he tried his hand at teaching art in schools , but his passion lay in painting outdoors with the challenge of the natural elements .

And in scale . Bigger the Better .

He finished his post-graduation in art via distance learning at the Jiwaji University , Gwalior .

He never let his childhood affliction of polio , come in the way of either climbing ladders or motorcycling .

From his first big project in 2010-11 onwards he has not looked back , having done more than a 100 projects , alone , directing his own team or collaboratively as part of other teams .

He has evolved a language of wall art that spans various Indian folk art influences as well as contemporary digital patterns .

Rakesh has worked in projects from cafes to restaurants to hotels , airports to schools , corporate and government offices , small NGO led schools to private residences , retail stores to cinema halls , shopping malls to hospitals , enlivening the constructed spaces with aesthetics and energy .

Rakesh has also worked as an artist for fund-raisers like the Elephant Corridor for the Elephant Parade® launched in Mumbai, in February 2018.

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24th February, 2016

From Sunny Narang’s Facebook Posts :

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‪#‎AMuralistFirst‬‪#‎TheReticentArtist ‪#‎StartIndiaFoundation‬

Rakesh Kumar Memrot is from a small village in Rajasthan . I met him maybe a year ago, via his friend Saurav who is from Odisha . Both had become friends in Jamia University in Delhi .

Rakesh was in the Art School , Saurav in MCRC .

I wanted few murals done in my office cabin , and all around the office space to give it a feel of the youth energy , and the various sectors of sports , art , crafts , design , start-ups , technology , social-sector consulting , sustainability solutions , disruptive innovation , e-commerce et al we work in .

Then Rakesh comes in .

Rakesh did not even have a FB account then . He was shy and is still shy.

He does’nt know English well . He had polio as a child , as he shares in this video , and was’nt sure if he would even get into a proper art school .

Yesterday he was over to share his journey over the year . He has done a great project in the New Delhi zone , a mural almost 100 feet long and 30 feet wide via the St+art India

India Foundation . Of an elephant from whose tusks , branches are coming out , with many animals and sparrows .

He loves sparrows . He would like to paint small, big all over Delhi, as he misses them .

And yes , he is always on the look-out for interesting assignments . He lives in Delhi .

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18th May, 2015

We have a mural artist Rakesh Kumar Memrot come in to draw on our “box-office” walls , and it becomes like an art workshop as everyone from accounts to football joins in !

And the photographers and film-makers , editors and story-board guys join in to do time-lapse and create a promotional film on him !

This is how a project for adding an aesthetic touch becomes a process , an experience to celebrate the artist within and the artist outside !


16th May, 2015

From Antima Khanna’s blog.

AK : What are your dreams? Where do you see yourself in future?

RKM : My dreams are just like any other human being ‘ Roti, Kapda, Makaan aur Shauhrat’
I want my friends and family always with me.
I want to grow in work but at the same time wish to take my family along with me at every stage. I don’t want to move ahead in work without them.
There is no progress without your loved ones.
Apart from this, my biggest dream is a solo bike-ride to Ladakh.

Desing Images rakesh kumarDesing Images rakesh kumar

Desing Images rakesh kumarDesing Images rakesh kumar



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