Rasa Investments Group

Sportzworkz, a Television Production House based out of India, is dedicated to provide Sports Video Production & LIVE Broadcast Services as well as entertainment events.

For more than a decade, they have been providing the tools, the technologies and the services that clients need to be successful in the highly competitive LIVE broadcast production and post-production business. Through their myriad relationships with media and event industries across the globe, Sportzworkz is fully capable of providing its clients quickly and efficiently a wide spectrum of services that meet all the needs and expectations of clients, channel partners and viewers and will seamlessly build brand equity. With strong industry alliances, in house production and post-production facilities, they are delivering international quality services with the highest quality standards. The Sportzworkz team is prepared to handle any challenge and is dedicated to providing the highest level of client service. Through its vast experience and creative approach to meet client objectives, the Sportzworkz team ensures that no detail is overlooked and that the final product is a quantifiable success.